Bridging a vacancy 

Do you need short-term temporary replacement at the executive level? Do you need an interim solution able to immediately hit the ground running without requiring on-the-job training?


Build-up of a strategy 

Do you want to strategically develop your organization and continue to grow in the future? Are you looking for someone who can assist you in the strategic alignment of your company with innovative concepts?


Carrying out a strategic project

Do you require short-term competent support on a vital project in an area where you do not have sufficient in-house capacity?





1. General Management

  • Many years of results-driven management, controlling and further development of sales, project management and service. Management of multiple corporate units and foreign subsidiaries.

  • Merging of the fields of customer service and S&OP processes into a shared service center. Boosting of results as well as improvement of the service level and availability.

  • Optimization and digitalization of processing and routines across several divisions.

2. Sales & Marketing

  • Successful implementation of multiple industry-specific marketing strategies, e.g. in the food and beverage industry, medicine and biotechnology, through targeted certification and qualification measures, as well as in terms of marketing campaigns geared to life-cycle cost.

  • Design and execution of digital sales lead generation processes, in addition to ushering in multi-channel and cross-selling strategies.

  • Introduction and implementation of extensive sales excellence, qualification and support measures, including (inter)national sales reps, with key accounts and OEM customers.

3. Product and Project Management

  • Sustainable re-alignment in "customized engineered products". Savings in manufacturing costs through reduction of throughput times and improvement of delivery performance, among other measures.

  • Heading up and streamlining the national - and international project management, contract and tender business.

  • Site consolidation, integration of 4 corporate units, manufacturing and administration into one location with comprehensive restructuring and upgrading measures.

4. Strategy and Growth

  • Introduction of distribution excellence programs, adaptation and optimization of business relationships to trading partners. Implementation of distribution management and performance campaigns, definition of individual goal agreements.

  • Implementation of targeted market, life-cycle and customer-specific price strategies. Ongoing price analysis and optimization. Introduction of a "pricing approval process".

  • Performance of post-merger integration and restructuring of sales and service organizations. Introduction of KPIs and adaptation of ERP/CRM systems.

5. Customer Service & After-market Management

  • Build-up of a sales network for technical services and accessories, as well as the implementation of innovative service concepts with a long-term commitment.

  • New orientation and centralization of customer service and repair shop. Organizational adaptation and restructuring as a profit center with its own sales network.

  • Introduction and further development of I4.0 standards with remote monitoring and electronic monitoring devices to manage preventive maintenance solutions.